Full Season of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm available now

The third episode and season finale of Before the Storm releases today and to celebrate the occasion, Deck Nine Games put pen to paper to say thank you to you, our fans for all your support along the journey so far:

Complete Season Trailer on YouTube

Letter from Deck Nine

In the very beginning of development for Before the Storm, we knew that Life is Strange fans were passionate and committed to the characters and world from the first game. We were confident that they would want to play as Chloe and meet Rachel. We hoped we could write and produce a story that would make them happy.

When Episode 1 was released and the flood of love for these characters washed over us. It was at that moment we finally, truly, understood, at a much deeper level, how important it was for us to get everything just right. We have all found that one person who changed everything for us. Chloe, Rachel and all the other characters speak to the pain, despair, hope and love that lives within all of us. It became vital that we honor our fans and deliver our very best work.

As Episode 2 was released we formed an even deeper and more meaningful connection with Chloe and Rachel. Fans by the thousands responded on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit – sharing their feelings, theories and their own personal stories. The private messages we received from fans spoke of despair turned to hope and new dreams of a better future in their own lives. This is the first game I have made that has meant so much to so many people. I am incredibly proud of the team and what they have delivered and am deeply humbled by the reaction of the fans.

Episode 3 is bittersweet for us. The story of Rachel and Chloe is coming to a close and just like the fans, we’re not ready for it to end. We have grown deeply attached to this world. With great care we have tried to deal with incredibly personal topics and explored themes never touched on before in games. Thanks for taking the time to play through all three episodes, we hope you like what we’ve worked so hard to deliver.

Thank you so much for all of your support for Before the Storm, Deck Nine, Square Enix and of course Dontnod Entertainment. We love reading your articles and we hope that all of our future games mean as much to our fans as this one has.

All the best,

Jeff Litchford – Vice President, Deck Nine Games